Website Article Submission Process

Register with the website:

a. Go to

b. On the left panel, click on Author Login/Logout and follow the Login screen.

c. If you are a new Author, click the REGISTER link underneath the LOGIN button. A registration form appears.

d. Type your name into the NAME box, "your callsign" works really good into the USERNAME box, a password of your choice into the PASSWORD and VERIFY PASSWORD boxes, then click the REGISTER button. Your email address is critical and you must be able to receive an activation email for the registration process to work. If you can't get this mail, you will not be able to re-register with this email address without having the webmaster delete the pending user registration.

e. An activation email is sent to the email address your previously entered. You must open this email and click on the link noted to activate your new account.

f. A new browser window opens telling you that you may now login.

g. Send the webmaster a request to give you AUTHOR permissions. Include your USERNAME. You must now wait for the webmaster.

Login to the site:

a. Click the Author Login/Logout main menu link. Fill in the Login boxes and click on the Login button which appears.

b. You are returned to the home page, BUT you now have some new menu items.
Two new menu items appear, ARTICLE SUBMISSION and EDIT YOUR ACCOUNT.

a. Edit your account- your password is shown as blank, but don't worry, it's still there. If you want to change your password, you can enter a new password and click SAVE.

b. Click ARTICLE SUBMISSION to write a new article. An edit window appears. Type a Title for your article. Using the standard text formatting buttons, write your article. Once you click the SAVE button, you will not be able to edit the article again until it is published. You may set the correct SECTION and CATEGORY, please consult the webmaster for this information. Or you may leave them blank and let the webmaster make the settings.

c. Please write your article in your favorite word processor or text editor, Word, OpenOffice, Notepad, etc. Sometimes the text formatting such as font, size, bold, color, etc, won't transfer to the article screen. Make sure your article is 100% correct, you will not be able to edit it immediately after submission. Once you are happy with your article in your word processor, select the whole article in your word processor window, do a copy, (Control-A, Control-C works most of the time, or highlight all the text, then click Edit, Copy), and paste it into the ARTICLE SUBMISSION window. If you desire, now use the font control buttons in the submission window to change size, font, color etc. You may now add images to your article by using the IMAGE button underneath the text frame. You must upload your images or use an existing image as shown in the IMAGE window. Detailed instructions for these operations is beyond the scope of this How-To.

d. Click the SAVE button, you are returned to the home page. Your article must now be "published" by the webmaster in order for it to be visible on the website and to allow you to edit your article. You may now logout. Click the WEBMASTER INTRO, click LOGIN, then click the LOGOUT button.

If you wish to Edit a previous Article:

a. Don't use the Article Submission link. Just navigate to your previous artilce an you will see a Yellow Edit icon next to the Title of your article. Click on the icon and wait for the Editor an your previous article to load, make your changes and hit the Save button. Your editswill be posted to the website just that fast Zero wait for the webmaster.