Round Rock Freedom Parade, 7/4/14


Photo Credit Bruce ElbertWilliamson County ARES was awarded a thank you plaque from the staff of the Round Rock Freedom Parade. ARES provided communications support for the parade. Left to right, Ken Malgren, EC, Tabatha Ullrich and Adrienne Crossland.

WC-ARES with help from all the local clubs, provided 38 radio operators, all of whom put in a shift of 8 hours, provided communications for VIPs, medical, staging, Rovers, and route monitors. Including the planning and preparatioin, that is a total of 322 man-hours donated to the public.

The 2014 parade consisted of 149 entries, involving 2600 people. ARES members were stationed every half block along the parade route to watch for anything needing attention. One group of 70 volunteers failed to show up in the staging area as planned, and our ARES members stepped in and helped get the entries launched in the right order and in a timely manner.

ARES members are great at serving the public during these events in order to keep their skills sharp for times of emergency.

Photo credit:  Bruce Elbert.