Sunday Net


Our Sunday Nets start at 8:00 PM on the 146.640 Georgetown and 145.450 Taylor repeaters.  Both repeaters have a minus 600KHz offset and a PL tone of 162.2 Hz and are linked via a microwave link.   All are welcome to check-in and our members are encouraged to download the Net Script and follow along.  Feel free to volunteer to be Backup Net Control or even ask to be Net Control.  We are always looking for a few more Net Controls and there maybe open spots on our Net Control Schedule below. Our Net Manager is Mike Childers, W9MC.

WC-ARES Net Script (PDF) - 23 April 2017


Net Agenda:

  • Training.
  • Check-ins, members first followed by visitors.
  • ARES related annoucments.
  • Short time stations are excused.
  • Informal discussions. 



NCS Odd Months NCS Even Months Net Training Comments
1st 1-7

 Rob K5FAR

 Kevin KF5GEH

 Steven KG5LAA
Odd and Even backup each other
2nd 8-14  Mark W5MAE  Rochelle KA5HHZ   David WJ1Q
3rd 15-21  Jim K5KTF   Lenore KF5YTZ   Robert KF5ZMC   
4th 22-28  Jonathan AF5DF   Mike W9MC   Hal AD5L  
5th 29-31 Hal AD5L  Terry K5LGV Rochelle KA5HHZ 

Once a quarter

In 2017 It is Jan29, April 30, July 30, Oct 29, and Dec 31.