Radio Programming

One of the questions from new and old ARES members is "What frequencies do I need?" The most obvious ones come from the Williamson County ARES Plan and include the 146.64, 146.700, 147.080 repeaters and 147.430 Williamson County ARES Simplex frequency.  ARES members should review the Plan on a regular basis and gather information about changes.

There is a recommended list of frequencies that ARES has published previously which lists all of these plus many more frequencies of interest in Central Texas.  To see the list in PDF format, click here.

If you have programming software for your radio, the software may have an ability to import an Excel file or something similar.  The list in Excel format can be found here.

The file is available as both a PDF file for reference and also as an Excel spreadsheet.  The layout is suitable for programming of most radios with enough memory space.  The various frequencies are grouped for ease of use, and some are repeated for completness.

While there is no mandate that your radio has to use the same memory assignments, this is a starting point for programming all radios with the same frequency assignment in different radios.  Even if you adopt a different sequence, give some consideration to using the same sequence in all of your own radios to make repeaters easier to find.