METAR is an acronym for Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report. It is a weather report predominantly used by aircraft pilots and meteorologists. It may be requested by Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS).

On The Air

Typically these are broadcast from airports, permanent weather observation stations, military bases or other organizations.

METAR Format

METAR is a format for reporting weather information in a highly standardized, internationally recognized format. Here is an example, obtained from the Aviation Weather Center. You can see the text format below and how the information is decoded.

METAR for:KAUS (Austin/Bergstrom Int, TX, US)
Text:KAUS 240153Z 15008KT 10SM SCT175 27/21 A2985 RMK AO2 SLP099 T02720206
Temperature:27.2°C ( 81°F)
Dewpoint:20.6°C ( 69°F) [RH = 67%]
Pressure (altimeter):29.85 inches Hg (1010.9 mb) [Sea level pressure: 1009.9 mb]
Winds:from the SSE (150 degrees) at 9 MPH (8 knots; 4.1 m/s)
Visibility:10 or more sm (16+ km)
Ceiling:at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds:scattered clouds at 17500 feet AGL

Listen to a METAR

You can tune your radio to the appropriate frequencies for the Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). The weather observation information will be updated every hour or at other frequencies, depending on weather conditions.

AWOSAutomated Weather Observing Systemn/a
ATISAutomated Terminal Information Service124.4 MHz
ASOSAutomated Surface Observing System128.875 MHz