The following information is an excerpt of the frequencies used by the organization. For a complete list, see the ICS 217 – District 7. It contains all of the channel names, frequencies and offsets, and interop frequencies.

Our primary repeater is the WC5EOC and the secondary are the N5TT repeaters. Please program your Handheld Transceivers and Mobile Radios for each frequency and the appropriate tones (if applicable).

InfoRX Freq (MHz)RX Tone (Hz)TX Freq (MHz)TX Tone (Hz)OffsetChannel NameRemarks
Primary Repeater (WC5EOC)147.080CSQ147.680100.0+V708RNo Echolink (yet)
Secondary Repeaters (N5TT)146.640162.2146.040162.2V64RGeorgetown
Echolink (N5TT-R)
Linked with 146.64
NVIS Primary5.373 USB60M WC-ARES
HF Secondary3.88875M WC-ARES
HF Tertiary7.22240M WC-ARES

CSQ = Constant Squelch. This means you do not have to have a tone programmed. For example, pure simplex does not use any tones, but you have to open your squelch (SQL) enough to hear anyone talking.