WC-ARES Communications Trailer

WC-ARES Communications Trailer
Trailer Interior

The WC-ARES Communications & Command Trailer is a self-contained, temperature-controlled communications environment, providing the capability to deploy a communications platform to wherever it is needed. Some of the capabilities of the communications trailer include:

  • Cummins Onan 12kW Diesel Inverter Generator
  • Fireco S.r.L. 30' Pneumatic Mast, supporting up to four vertical antennas, depending on mission needs
  • Operator stations for up to 3 operators, complete with networked computer systems and multiple VHF/UHF radios, capable of both voice and digital communications
  • Modular HF Transceiver System
  • Yaesu Fusion Repeater with Sinclair Filter Duplexers
  • AREDN 5.8GHz mesh node system